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About Us

Founded in 2016, Fort Brazos RV Park is the brainchild of Diane & Marcus Fitzgerald.

Diane Fitzgerald grew up in Brazoria, Texas. She is a Texas Aggie and has a Doctorate in Business Administration from California Southern University. She has extensive experience as a registered nurse, realtor, and investor in real estate.

Marcus Fitzgerald holds degrees from Lee College and the College of the Mainland. He holds degrees in electrical engineering, instrumentation, and operations. Marcus is a former soldier who now invests in real estate.

Diane and Marcus have also committed a portion of their profits for social good, including scholarships for trade or college, missionary work, and the well-being of Military.


Fort Brazos RV Park is collectively owned and operated by Diane and Marcus Fitzgerald.  


"Never build or purchase something you wouldn't live in yourself"
- Diane Fitzgerald


Payment Options

Payment Options

Fort Brazos RV Park leaves no stone unturned to make the experience of living and breathing among nature frictionless. Everything is always on point, from hassle-free paperwork to quick spot allocation.

On top of that, we accept diverse payment options:

  • Debit Cards

  • Credit Cards

  • Zelle

  • Cash Pay

  • Banker’s Check

  • Money Orders

Upcoming Amenities To Your Favorite RV Park in Brazoria

Upcomig Amnities

Fort Brazos RV Park is about growing, thriving, and expanding the place for every family. In addition to world-class amenities that we are already offering to our residents, we have some existing new facilities that campers will get to enjoy in the near future!


Military Park (pathway will be bricks honoring soldiers)
Dog park


Sound Barrier Wall

Gated Community 

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