Founded in 2016, Fort Brazos RV Park is the brainchild of Diane & Marcus Fitzgerald.

A Texas Aggie, Diane Fitzgerald is a candidate for a doctorate in business administration at California Southern University. She holds a BSN and MBA from Texas A&M. She has extensive experience as a certified nurse, realtor, and investor in real estate. Her belief behind setting up the best RV park in Brazoria:

Never build or purchase something you wouldn't live in yourself

Marcus Fitzgerald holds diplomas from Lee College and the College of the Mainland. He holds degrees in electrical engineering, instrumentation, and operations. Marcus is a former soldier who now invests in real estate.

The husband and wife have been an integral part of the Brazoria Community, and a superb RV park is a careful reflection of their vision. The park has lovely trees and grass for shade, perfect for Veteran Day's picnic and customer appreciation events in the fall.

Diane and Marcus have also committed a portion of their profits for social good, including scholarships for trade or college, missionary work, and the well-being of Military Moms and Wives of Brazoria County.


Fort Brazos RV Park is collectively owned and operated by Diane and Marcus Fitzgerald, in collaboration with Rock Solid Property Management LLC.